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Portho Vintage Brass Table Top Watch

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  • Vintage vibe? Check! It’s 7.5 cm x 14.5 cm and weighs 180g (0.4 lbs).
  • Top-scroll button for easy time tweaks & a rotatable dial.
  • Deep brown antique polish powered by the PORTHO machine.
  • Handcrafted details straight outta India.

Product details

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 5.71 × 2.95 × 5.71 in
Brand Craple
Condition New
Material Brass
Finish Antique
Original/Reproduction India
Special Feature Long Lasting
Care & Instructions

Cleaning Method

  • Dust your clock with a soft cloth. For tarnish or smudges, gently use a mild cleaner suitable for the material, then dry thoroughly.


  • Keep the clock in a dry environment to protect it from humidity, which can affect materials differently, potentially causing tarnish, warping, or corrosion.

Avoiding Chemicals

  • Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives across all materials to prevent damage to the clock’s surface and internal mechanism.
  • Table clocks are used to display time, enhance home decor with their design, and serve as functional art pieces in living spaces, offices, or bedrooms.
  • Unclaimed products will be held at the nearest delivery hub for 10 days before Craple may adjust or cancel the order.
  • For quality concerns or defects, contact contact@craple.com with an unboxing video and photos for warranty support.
  • How is the product delivered?
    The delivery method is chosen by the customer, ensuring the product is securely packaged for protection.
  • Do I need to provide any documents upon delivery?
    No additional documents are required for delivery.
  • Why are shipping costs not included in the product price?
    Shipping costs vary based on location, so they are itemized separately for transparency.
  • Is my order and payment secure?
    Yes, transactions are secure when made on reputable platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.
  • Accessories shown are for staging and might not be included unless specified.
  • Natural variations in materials and craftsmanship add to each clock’s uniqueness.
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Brass Table Top Watch: Timepiece enthusiast! Looking for something that isn’t just a watch but a conversation starter? Well, sit tight ’cause we’ve got a showstopper right here.

This isn’t your everyday wristwatch. No sir! This is a meticulously handcrafted table top watch that brings a touch of vintage elegance straight to your space. Curious? Here are the deets:

  • Size Matters: This beauty is 7.5 cm wide (that’s about 2.95 inches for those playing at home) and boasts a height of 14.5 cm (a neat 5.71 inches). Oh, and did we mention it weighs a comfy 180g (0.4 lbs)? It’s got just the right heft!
  • Color and Finish: Dressed in a brown antique polish, it’s like this watch traveled through time just to be with you.
  • Functionality, Upgraded: Setting the time is a breeze with the top button – just give it a little scroll to the left or right. And if you’re the kind who likes to switch things up, the rotatable dial has got you covered. Adjust its position using the handy left and right screws.
  • Under the Hood: This watch isn’t just a pretty face. It’s powered by the renowned PORTHO machine, ensuring you’ve got a long-lasting, reliable timekeeper.
  • Handcrafted Elegance: Designed and handcrafted in India, the intricate details on this watch are nothing short of mesmerizing. It doesn’t just tell the time – it tells a story.

To sum it up, if you’ve got a soft spot for all things vintage, love a good story, or simply appreciate craftsmanship, this table top watch is the pièce de résistance your space has been waiting for. So, why let the seconds tick away? Grab this timeless piece and let every glance at it be a trip down memory lane.

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